Flame Kit

Image of Flame Kit

*Current production wait time is approximately 1-2 weeks.
Flatpits are custom made to order in San Diego, California. Each one will be hand filed, fitted and given a light wax treatment before being paper wrapped, packaged and shipped for free via United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

This kit includes a Flatpit, stainless grill grid and carabiner strap. Silicone heat resistant grilling gloves are included with the purchase of every Flatpit. See more about them in our Accessories link.

The Flatpit is made of 1/8" cold rolled carbon steel. It has built in features that allow for options such as shelves, skewers, grill grid, propane burner and more that are currently and continuously being developed to be interchangeable with all current and previously sold Flatpits.

The Flatpit is 12" tall, 12" wide and 18.25" long when assembled. It stows away to a size of 14" x 18" and less than an inch thick. Weight is just under 25 lbs.

The steel the Flatpit is made from will rust is left wet or stored in a wet environment. We suggest seasoning the steel like you would a cast iron or carbon steel pan or paint with a high temperature barbecue paint if you feel so inclined. Even if no such extra efforts are put into the preservation of the steel, Solid 1/8" steel will last for quite some time and surface rust can be sanded or ground off depending on your level of effort.
Reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding the aspect of this or any carbon steel fire pit.